Day 0
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. – Forrest Gump


漂流在海上三個多月十幾箱的包裹終於陸續的抵達,從原本的驚喜到最後幾箱的驚愕。有一箱邊緣破裂,明顯的被拆箱過,一副不完整的麻將散落了整個箱子,也不確定當時為什麼塞到箱子裡,然後多了一顆陌生的魔術方塊。後來的兩大箱都被換成一小箱,貨單直接從原本的大紙箱上剪下貼在不認識的小箱子,裡面百分之九十的東西都不見了。弟弟的La Q積木剩下一片,十幾組女孩們的公主系列樂高只剩下一堆零碎的拼塊,兩組貴森森的辛森普森樂高,也只剩下Homer、Bart的滑板及Maggie的照片,感覺有點淒涼。好幾萬元的樂高玩具換來了兩雙不是我們的中國製拖鞋。隔天來的一箱應該是我寄來的書跟孩子們的桌遊,結果只剩下兩本書,一副不齊全的骨牌,跟只剩下一塊的益智拼圖,還有來路不明的中國茶。


After months of drifting on the sea, our packages finally arrived. We are all surprised and devastated at the same time. There are two packages shipped in big boxes and arrived in small. 90% of the items in there are all gone. Thousands of dollar worth of Lego bricks with only few pieces left. Simpson’s family with only Homer left, along with Bart’s skateboard and Maggie’s photo. I felt sad for Homer. In exchange of expensive Legos, we got 2 pairs of cheap slippers that weren’t belong to us. Another box should be kid’s board games and some books I shipped. But only 2 books made it, one piece of puzzle left and bunch of unfamiliar tea bags from China.

There is one last box awaiting to be arrived. Not sure what kind of surprise we are going to get this time!!

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